Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 for 10

I don't look nearly this sexy when I do my muscle-ups...
  because I can't do a muscle-up... yet!

I've been Crossfitting for 10 months now.  Since I began last April I've lost 30lbs (at one point I could say I'd lost 43lb, but then the holidays hit and I began swapping Paleo meals for lattes and pumpkin bread - rookie mistake).  But more importantly, I've gone from being a sedentary, insulin-resistant, slightly agoraphobic and borderline diabetic to being an active, weight-lifting, meat eating, fitness machine.  I've learned so much from Crossfit that I'd like to share with y'all.  And I guarantee there's an even bigger education lying ahead for me this next year.  For now, I present the top ten...

10 Things I've Learned in 10 Months of Crossfit:

  1. When you're committed to taking a 6:00 am class and that alarm goes off at 5:30, you must remind yourself that showing up is the hardest part.  It's harder than the pull-ups.  It's harder than the burpees.  Ignore the voice inside you and just show up!
  2. You aren't the fastest or the strongest, and that's okay.  There will always be someone better than you.  Let them inspire you, then, inspire yourself by doing your best.
  3. Respect that your body changes everyday.  A 400 meter run can be a piece of cake one day and feel like torture the next.  Hormones.
  4. Whether you're squatting or running keep your head up.
  5. Nothing compares to the feeling of finishing a WOD.  You want that feeling.  You love that feeling.  And the only way to get it is to do a WOD.  You reap what you sow.  Sow somethin'!
  6. Never row barefoot.  It hurts.
  7. Don't eat cupcakes before a workout.  Eat them after.  Or don't eat them at all... unless it's your birthday... or someone else's birthday.  Or, whatever.
  8. Doing your best is the best you can do.
  9. Introduce yourself.  Go ahead and be that person.  You know that person?  The really nice one who extends a hand to every new face she sees to say "welcome" and "we're in this together".  Yeah.  Be her.
  10. Have fun!  Really.  Because it is.
Get movin' homies!


  1. I love the part of "be her". You got me motivated...Love, Mom